Use the Sandbox

The sandbox environment is a great way to test your integration with the Drivly API. It allows you to test your integration without affecting your production data.

Our upstream providers require that testing be done strictly inside the sandbox, as to not affect any real-world data.

The production API affects real-world data, so testing in production can lead to a suspension of your account.

Avoid Caching

Our APIs are designed to be fast and reliable. That said, caching the results of API calls may lead to stale data being reported to your customers, users, and staff.

We recommend that you avoid caching the results of API calls, or if you must cache, use a short cache time.

Use the Latest SDK Version

We are constantly improving the Drivly SDK. To take advantage of the latest features and improvements, always use the latest version of the SDK.

API Key Best Practices

  • Keep your API keys private: Treat them as sensitive data and avoid exposing them in public repositories, client-side code, or anywhere they could be accessed by unauthorized individuals.
  • Use environment variables: Store API keys in environment variables or secure app settings to keep them secure.
  • Rotate keys regularly: Periodically change API keys to minimize the risk of old keys being misused.
  • Apply least privilege: Grant the minimum permissions necessary for the key to function, reducing the potential impact of a compromised key.

By following these guidelines and using API keys effectively, you can enhance the security and efficiency of your application’s interaction with our APIs.